I'm Cool

It seems like it's not cool to blog anymore. No wonder I stopped.

But seriously, I have not felt the blogging urge in awhile (obviously), but I thought I'd give a stab at it today just to see how it goes.

So much has happened in the last 5 months, but I'm just going to stick with the happy stuff:

Nash turned 3! He is such a handsome charmer, and I honestly can't control him (probably because he's my baby and my last). He does what he wants and gets what he wants. That about sums it up.

Sydney turned 6! Syd is a bright star! She is always happy, and is full of spunk! She has the cutest giggle and I love hearing it every day.

Trace, well is still 7, but soon to be 8 and baptized. He is growing up so fast and becoming so mature. He just got some new specs this week that I LOVE...

I just got a job at Maple Mountain High School that I'm starting in the fall. It's less than 5 minutes from my house, which will be so nice! So, I'll be working 2 part-time jobs. Yep, makes sense huh?

The kiddos and I are leaving for VA in a few days and I am ready for some good times! There's just something about "home". I miss my family and can't wait to talk, relax and play games.

On a random note, I was sitting at Erin's house a few weeks, and looked outside to see this...a double rainbow. What does that mean? Maybe it's good luck. Whatever it is, it's good right?


Laura said...

Well it's great to hear from you (like I'm so much better at blogging :)!! But it's great to see the kids and hear that you have so far survived the summer, corn season and RS pres...and going to the beach soon!!! Yeah! I'm going to md in aug and the obx so I'm counting down days!!! Have tons of fun and definitely relax!!

Brenda said...

Nice to see you back. Your kids sure are adorable.

cAM said...

It's good.

The Cavin Crew said...

Great to hear from you again! Since I'm really not cool and am not on facebook or twitter, blogging is the only way I keep up with people! You'll have to read my post titled "I want to Remember" to see how totally cool I'm not! :)