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Tyler and I were sitting in the bleachers at one of Trace's first basketball games.  He's not allowed to wear his watch during his games and Tyler noticed that Trace still had his watch on and the game was starting.  Tyler yelled at him, "TRACE, YOUR WATCH."  To which Trace replied, "IT'S ELEVEN O'CLOCK." 


We went out for Chick-fil-A free meal…we dressed up like a cow.

Nash has been very interested in how Erin feeds baby Elle.  He always wants to stick around when Erin is feeding her.  One day I was holding Elle and Nash said "Are you feeding her with your Nibbles?"


At breakfast this morning, I told Sydney that I ran into Rachelle, (tyler's cousin) and she said her daughter Maggie is taking sewing class.  Sydney has been wanting to learn how to sew so I told her we could sign her up some time.  Nash, who was on the other side of the room came over and said "What? I want to do it."  And I said, "You want to take a sewing class?"  We said you sure about that Nash sewing is for girls Nash said, "Oh, I thought you meant knitting." 


During breakfast, Dad was making lots of jokes.  Everyone was laughing really hard and finally Sydney said "what's everyone laughing about?"  Nash, in a surprising tone said, "You don't know?"  Sydney shook her head.  Knowing that the jokes dad was making were over Nash's head I said, "Nash, go ahead and tell Sydney what's so funny."  To which Nash quickly replied, "I HAVE NO IDEA!"

Tonight we drove the Alpine Loop to see the beautiful mountain and leaves changing colors.  When we got home, Tyler told Nash, thanks for being a good boy on our ride.  Nash said he needed a reward and Tyler said being in our family is reward enough.  Nash said that wasn't good enough.  Then, Sydney chimed in and said. "How would you like to go to a poor family, there's plenty of those out there and that can be arranged."

Tyler read Liar, Liar (a blog story) to the kids last night and reminded Sydney about how she needs to tell the truth about something she fibbed about earlier in the day.  Sydney said, "I was telling the truth--ish."


I'm Cool

It seems like it's not cool to blog anymore. No wonder I stopped.

But seriously, I have not felt the blogging urge in awhile (obviously), but I thought I'd give a stab at it today just to see how it goes.

So much has happened in the last 5 months, but I'm just going to stick with the happy stuff:

Nash turned 3! He is such a handsome charmer, and I honestly can't control him (probably because he's my baby and my last). He does what he wants and gets what he wants. That about sums it up.

Sydney turned 6! Syd is a bright star! She is always happy, and is full of spunk! She has the cutest giggle and I love hearing it every day.

Trace, well is still 7, but soon to be 8 and baptized. He is growing up so fast and becoming so mature. He just got some new specs this week that I LOVE...

I just got a job at Maple Mountain High School that I'm starting in the fall. It's less than 5 minutes from my house, which will be so nice! So, I'll be working 2 part-time jobs. Yep, makes sense huh?

The kiddos and I are leaving for VA in a few days and I am ready for some good times! There's just something about "home". I miss my family and can't wait to talk, relax and play games.

On a random note, I was sitting at Erin's house a few weeks, and looked outside to see this...a double rainbow. What does that mean? Maybe it's good luck. Whatever it is, it's good right?



It was Sydney's 100th day of school celebration. Lots of one-hundred activities were highly anticipated. But, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, until this little number came out of her backpack:




If you need something to comfort you during the January blues, here it is.

I am going to divulge my recipe for the perfect (*light) chocolate milk shake. There are no measurements here, folks. Just go with it.

Bryers Neopolitan Ice Cream (Yep, Strawberry. Vanilla. Chocolate. ) And, do not skimp; it must be Bryers or I cannot guarantee it.
Vanilla or almond extract
Magic Bullet (optional, but perfect for a single serving)

You're Welcome.

*Indicates light chocolate flavor, NOT light in calories. I cannot be held responsible if you get fat.

One week down...

I never thought it could be this easy.

Sydney has not sucked her thumb for one whole week...

I am so proud of her!

Say good-bye (hopefully) to these teeth, and hello to some ortho work to fix her bite (one day).

How did we do it you ask? Two things:

  1. Bribery
  2. Fear (of the dentist's "painful" appliance")


Life Is Good

Don't worry, this is not one of those "brag about my awesome life" posts. No siree.

This is a from the heart, how I am feeling today, post.

I am usually struggling in January, trying to get through the winter blues, for no reason. Except that I like to complain about the cold, the snow, and the darkness.

This January, I find myself with problems, worries, trials, concerns, and unanswered questions.

But, in the back of my mind, I keep hearing Tyler's wise Grandpa Jensen saying, "Life is Good".

And, he's right. Life is Good.

I was wired with an inherent ability to find the negative in everything, to be the pessimist. But I am trying daily, on a minute by minute basis, to find the good, the positive, the light in everything.

Without trials and struggles we would not progress and grow. I don't want to get any taller, but I do hope I am growing.

Everyone has trials; it's how we handle them that defines us.

My blessings certainly out number my tribulations.

And, so, Life is Good.


Gratitude Day Eighteen & Nineteen

I am struggling keeping up with this thing!

I was just reminded on my comments section of something that I really love...my heated toilet seat. Oh yes, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me in the winter.

I should also mention my gratitude for insultators. You know who you are. Without you, Tyler would still be eating his sandwiches upside down, and I wouldn't know how to properly maintain a candle.

*sorry bout the inside jokes*

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Gratitude Day Seventeen

Grateful for my kids' active imaginations. It keeps me laughin.

Just as an example, about two weeks ago, Nash announced at the dinner table that baby Gianni (his cousin) was in his belly. That's right folks, Nash thinks he's pregnant. It hasn't been a fleeting episode either. He talks about baby Gianni all the time. "baby Gianni is hungry"' which translates to, "I want a treat".
So last week at Sunday dinner, Nash wanted to hold baby G and I asked him how Baby G got out of his belly. Nash seemed just as confused about the whole thing as I am.

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Gratitude Days, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen...Sheesh

Okay, okay, so I'm behind a few days. My phone wasn't letting me blog whilst I was away on a short vacay. So, here goes my make-up session:

I'm grateful fer

1. forgiveness
2. my kids' amazing teachers
3. my kids' amazing primary teachers
4. twix
5. modern appliances


Gratitude day eleven

Grateful fer the St. George condo. I love it here!

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