Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Four things that would best describe Sydney at age 4:

1) Sydney is a momma's girl. Syd loves to cuddle with me. She also lets me know that she missed me if she's been gone for awhile. And, whenever I get Sydney something she really likes such as ice cream or a movie, she always remembers to follow it up with an "I love you, Mom."

2) Sydney is relentless. For example, she loves to watch tv. The other day she asked if she could watch a show. I tried to hold her off with a firm, "maybe in a little while." She waited about 6.7 seconds and said, "how about now?"

3) Sydney loves treats (and will do just about anything for one). When we were at the lake, Sydney refused to go tubing. After many, many attempts to get her on the tube, I offered her a cupcake. Tubing--DONE.

4) Sydney still gives out the best stink-eye in town. I challenge you to find anyone who is better at it. I'd love to have a stink eye-off.


Nate & Bobby Jo said...

Pige this is Bobby Jo from the ward. I saw your blog on Melissas and thought I'd drop you a comment. your kids are so dang cute.

The Mechlings said...

we'll have to have a stink-eye contest at Christmas ... I'm sure that Cady will give Syd a run for her money!! Sorry the birthday card was so late!