A very exciting update...I know you can't wait...hurry and push the link...hurry


You have arrived to a very exciting post.

Brace yourself.

I cannot be held responsible if you cannot sleep after this post has been read.


My summers are off-the-charts fun.

Okay, but really seriously, I'm sorry in advance for the lameness of this post. But, I must document my awesome life, starting (and ending) with our recent trip to the doctor. This is probably the most interesting it's going to get from me for awhile.

So, I took the kiddos to the doc a few weeks ago, and felt like I got my money's worth for a change (we have a high deduct).
Nash had his 16 month check-up and shots...ummm guess he was more like 17 months, but whatever......Trace got the rest of his kindergarten shots and while I was there, I decided to surprise Sydney with shots so I wouldn't have to bring her in twice before kindergarten next year. I thought she would be fine getting her shots, if you recall this post. But, no such luck. Trace went first and the crying began for everyone. I'm so glad it's over!

Nash's check-up went well, he is 25.5 lbs (60%ile), and 34" long (99%ile). So, it's looking like lanky Trace will be the basketballer and chunky Nash the footballer. Tyler is well pleased.

I also decided to take away the pacifier from Nash last week. I knew it was time but was dreading it. It actually went pretty well! No bink, no bottle, now if I could add no diaper to that list. I guess I could, it would just be pretty disgusting.

Nash has added a few new words to his repitoire; his favorites being the first two:
nuhooo (with lots of voice inflection, he's truly southern)=no
deidoo=thank you
iuhmo= I want more
wawa=water, or anything liquid for that matter

And, to add a little more excitement to this horribly boring post, I though I'd add these fab pics taken by the cutest photographer in the world...thanks again, haley, you amaze me!

If you've managed to make it to the end of this post, I applaud you. Good night.


Megano said...

Okay those are THE CUTEST pics EVER!!! Syd is beautiful and the two handsomes..... so cute! Our summer lifes are so boring. Maybe one day we'll be able to take trips every other weekend... or just do something fun.... one can only dream.

[Morgan] said...

what the hay. those pictures are adorable.
i've been wanting to take 2 year old pictures of jonas, and i wanted to put him in suspenders. where did you get those?!!!
too too cute.

ps. you are the least boring person i know. really. and believe me, i know a lot of boring people.

hOLLIANN said...

Those pictures are so cute, and I can't imagine your posts ever being boring...you must come over and play...sooner than later! And tell Tyler the melons have been fab this year!

Nate & Bobby Jo said...

That was actually a very exciting post. I love the pictures, So Cute!

The Mechlings said...

ok, good grief, all the pics are adorable but that first one of Trace is AWESOME. You're gonna have to keep those little kindergarten girlies away from him!! Glad all are happy and well-innoculated!!

Laura said...

beautiful pics!! We have got to get some family pics!! so fun to see you this summer!! and nothing could be boring that you write!!!!! I always love to see what is going one!