Anyone want to put up my tree?

My house is still quite barren of Christmas decorations. I can't muster up the strength or desire to put up our tree. (I think I lost the will after I put up Tyler's "sports" tree, aka TWTT, "The White Trash Tree." It's strategically placed in the basement where most guests don't have to see it).

Here's my dilemma...I want a new Christmas tree. Our home has high ceilings now, which makes our old tree look like a short, stubby, round, leaning mess of pine needles.

I have my heart set on a tall, (9') elegant, classy, much leaner tree to adorn the eastern wall of our family room. It would be lovely, but I can't talk myself into buying a $200 tree now that I KNOW will be half price come December 26th.

Looks like Stubby's going to see one more Christmas.

I'm so inherently frugal it's annoying.

If you made it this far into the post, then here is your early Christmas present from me. Clark Griswald made me do it:

PS-the picture doesn't fairly represent how many branches are actually missing/rigged together, or how nicely it leans to the right. And, I am still looking for the finishing touch: a classy, blinking angel for the top. Oooo, I'd also like to find some retro icicles--you know the ones.


Brenda said...

I wouldn't buy the tree before Christmas either, but we buy a fresh tree every year, so I am just wasting money over and over again. (I don't want to store one!) Plus, as my son, Doug, says, "We get a real tree because we believe in Jesus."

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

HAHAHA!!!!! I love the basement tree...CLASSIC:)

[Morgan] said...

the white trash tree. sooooooooooooo great.
i'm with you, every year i want knew stockings for the entire family. fancy ones. but, i can't bring myself to pay 20 bucks a sock when i know they'll be 10 after christmas. BUT, after christmas i always say "oh, next christmas is a whole year away, i'll wait."
so. . . . no new stockings yet. or ever it seems.