Happy Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it's been 9 glorious years since this photo was taken. We have had a great time together and many accomplishments/changes during these fun years! Here's a few highlights of our married life together:

  • We've lived in 3 different cities (Provo, Spanish Fork, and Lancaster, CA-- my personal favorite!)
  • We've bought 3 homes (and still own all three-Yikes!)
  • We've been on many trips with some of our favorite people and great memories:
    • 6 trips to Myrtle Beach (the beach house will forever hold some of my fondest memories)
    • 1 trip to NYC
    • 5 trips with Cam & Erin (Hawaii, California, Myrtle, Vegas and Chicago)
    • 2 trips with the Barnes (Vegas and Cancun)
    • 2 cruises with the Mechlings and 1 trip to Atlantis (very, very fun!)
    • 1 trip with Chris and Erin to Puerto Vallarta
    • Many, many, many trips to St. George!
    • Not to mention the many times I've been home to Virginia Beach!
  • We've gone through a combined total of 6 different jobs (I'm not including corn...that one's just a given!)
  • We've earned 3 degrees together. And, Tyler has earned innumerable licenses :)
  • We've owned 6 different cars...for those wondering we found the Lumina a good home last Christmas. We miss you Lume!
  • We've had 2 brothers go on missions (Way to go Chris and Ben!)
  • We've gained 5 beautiful new nieces and one nephew!
  • We've voted in 2 Presidential elections (and YES, Tyler's voting for Hill-Billary this year) That was a joke, he's actually voting for Ralph Nader.
  • We've had 3 fights (heheehee!) Anyone who's married knows we've never had a fight!
  • We've had 0 major health problems (we are VERY blessed!)
  • We've sold over 5 billion ears of corn...or something like that!
  • And our most important accomplishment, we've had 3 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!
  • Can anyone tell me how to arrange the pictures? It's really starting to annoy me!!! This is not how I want my pictures to look, but I'm tired of messing with it!


Kari Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! Nine years...Erin told me you had your baby and that he came right at the time he was supposed to. He is so cute!!! I am getting baby hungry looking at these pictures, good thing I get my own in four months huh? That sounds like a really long time...And I love the name Nash!

paige said...

Congrats on boy #2 Kari Ann! That will be so fun for Bode! Newborns are so sweet--I just love it. Any name ideas for this baby???

Megan Niccoli said...

PAIGE!!! I was so excited to see this blog! You are a berry berry good bloger!! Loves it! I really can't believe its been nine years since I asked you if you wanted a pickle and you accepted... it was then and only then that I knew you were the one for me, or Tyler I don't know... but I knew

paige said...

Megan, it's been over 10 years since you first offered me a pickle...you were, what, 11 or 12 years old when I met you??? I knew immediately that you were made of AWESOME!

Holliann said...

So fun! I had no idea it was nine years for you. We will be 10 at the end of the month. Congrats!

Morgan said...

That's awesome! Happy Anniversary!

morgan said...

I was looking at your picture and you reminded me of someone... I think I figured it out...tea lioni... do you think?

cAM said...

Hey Tyler...smile.