Trace's new bed!

Yesterday was a fun day for Trace and Sydney! They got to go to Aunt Gina's house and play, plus she took them (and her four kids) to Jumpin' Jacks! Bless her! They were so tired when they got home, so we put them to bed early. Tyler and I cleaned up the kitchen and then proceeded to go watch American Idol. (LOVE IT) As we were heading downstairs, Tyler noticed a sleeping child at the top of the other stairs. Poor Trace, wanted to stay up, but just couldn't do it!


The down low said...

Thats fnny. Well least you didn't have to fight with him going to bed. I told you it would get better. Just take them to jumpin jacks everyday and you will have no problems. love ya and thanks for lunch. By the way i hear you make a mean turkey sandwich and penunt butter cookies! just go ahead and pack a lunch for chris along with tylers. love ya

Megan Niccoli said...

oh my that is soooo cute. Trace is one of the most funny kids ever! Love it! Glad you got to watcha little American Idol.. I need to get on that train... I've heard it tis amazing this time around:)!

Holliann said...

So funny! Sounds like you need another baby now that your house is completely under control. I'll send mine over :)