Since we're well into November and nearing Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share my thoughts from today (nothing too profound, don't worry). As I was in the shower this morning, alone, (a blessing in and of itself) I was thinking about how good things are right now. Things aren't perfect, they never are, but they're good. And, since I can't predict the future, and sometimes it really scares me, I've decided to do my best to "live in the moment" and enjoy how good things are right now.

I was pondering about how much I love my little family, my family family, and my in-laws. Tyler and I have been blessed with 3 healthy kids, wonderful parents and the best siblings in the world! For this, I am truly grateful.

Tyler is an attentive father and caring husband. He works hard to provide for us and then plays with us when he gets home. I love just sitting and talking with him. He rarely complains and can find the good in anything or anyone.
Trace is a pure, innocent 5 year-old who lives to please his parents. He's constantly helping me and telling me that I'm good mom. He is a great example to his younger sister and brother.
Sydney is a spunky, lively 3 year-old who fibs on occasion, but still possesses innocence. She loves treats, movies, her blanket, and her mom. She is a great sister to her two brothers.
Nash is almost 9 months old and is a joy. He has an easy going temperament, unless his siblings are tugging at his limbs. His bright blue eyes and smile light up my day.
My mom is the most patient, kind-hearted person I know. I am trying to raise my children with the same gentleness and love that she provided in our home.
My dad is an example of strength and honor. He is generous with his time, talents, and resources. He has taken us on many fun trips. He also helps me around my house whenever he visits.
My brother, Ray is a talented cook and makes us the best meals when we're together. He's lots of fun to be around and very intelligent.
My brother, Jon is a very thoughtful guy (now there's two words you rarely see coupled together...thoughtful AND guy). He also has the best sense of humor, does hilarious impressions, and can beat anyone at Nintendo (Old School). I love being around him.
My brother, Ben is a great handyman to have around. He's done countless projects for me and never expects anything in return (except maybe some food).
My MIL, Judy is the best. Whether it's sewing pillow shams, babysitting, or inviting us to dinner, she's always doing something nice for me.
My FIL, Steve is generous and a family man. He has taken us out to countless delicious dinners and is a very generous person.

My SIL, Erin is so fun to hang out with and is endlessly watching my kids for me. She is always helping someone and never complains!
My SIL, Gina is THE nicest person in the world. She took my kids for an entire day when Nash was born! She will do anything for anyone and always has kind words to say about everyone.
My SIL, Megan, is a blast to be around, she ALWAYS makes me laugh. She is also the cutest/trendiest girl I know!
My SIL, Jen is a strong, loyal woman. She is excellent at keeping in touch. She's always calling or sending us cards and pictures.
My BIL Steve has the best birthday in the world, June 14th...way to be! He's also very easy to talk to and be around.
My BIL Chris is someone who would do ANYTHING for you ANYTIME! He's good to have around when something breaks down!
My BIL Stefano is another funny one who plays with my kids and takes good care of my Megan!

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