The Louvre's Newest Additions...

As the snow/cold weather continues to bless Utah, the Jackson's continue to be stuck inside. This weather is ideal for producing artwork in high volumes though. So, before these beauties find their permanent home, I took the time to scan them first. I'm such a good mom.

Title: Delicious
Artist: Trace
Medium: Crayon & safety scissors

Title: What's in a Name?
Artist: Obvious
Medium: Crayon, again

Title: Extreme Makeover for June
Artist: Sydney
Medium: Crayola!

Title: Ching Chong Chu the Dragon
Artist: Trace
Medium: You know

Title: Giraffe Playing in Polka Dots
Artist: Sydney
Medium: Crayons and "Dot" Paints

Title: Rainy Africa
(Actual Title by Trace)
Artist: Trace
Medium: Pen and Crayola


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

What cute little artists you have:) What a great idea to scan them in...wish I had a scanner!

hOLLIANN said...

I love those dot paints!

The Yardley's said...

let me guess... the permanent home is the trash? cause thats where mine go. oops!

The Mechlings said...

we really liked looking at your artwork, Sydney and Trace!! What an inspiration for Cady!