I woke up this morning with a POUNDING headache. UGH.

This delicious delight followed shortly after I brushed my bed head.

Problem solved.


Megano said...

I know we all thought it would never happen but diet coke really doesn't do it for me as it once did. My Abnormal Psych teacher always has a dc, and it makes me remember pre prego days and I run to the nearest gas station and get one... but alas after a few sips I find myself craving some good old H2O. I guess pregancy knows what's good for me. That is probably the only positive thing I can think of about pregnacy though... other then the little babe that comes of the end!! Oh well... This is a really long comment about NOTHING. hmm sorry. this is all.

Brenda said...

He he, you are like my sister "The Breakfast of Champions" is what she calls it.

Saedi Oldham said...

No wonder you were so chipper at McDonalds!

Erin said...

next step: IV

followed by a lovely 'drink drive'

just you wait. it's gonna happen.

and cherry,btw, waaaaayyyyy better,

Julie and Kyle said...

you say that as if its a big deal. this is my morning ritual.