Nash's stats are in, and whaddya know, he's still BIG!

16. 8 lbs (73%ile).
28 inches long (off the charts!)

We now have visions of an NBA all-star boosting us into an early retirement in a few decades. With my unbelievable coordination/athleticism as well as Tyler's speed and cat-like reflexes, he's destined to be a white MJ; we'll start calling him NJ.

He's still such a great baby--easy going, happy and patient with his siblings' continued effort with their baby talk 8 octaves too high. We love you, BIG baby Nash!


hOLLIANN said...

ummm - where is your memories post missy?

The Mechlings said...

so true, on the 8 octaves too high thing!! why do they do that?? is that what we sound like when WE talk to babies??

Crazymomoftwo0203 said...

We love our couch Paige...never had a sectional and will probably never not have one from now on!

Morgan said...

NJ, I like it.
What a BIG stud!